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پازل حمام شهر 20قطعه مناسب براي سرگرمي كودك در حمام .در اثر خيس شدن به راحتي به ديواره هاي حمام ميچسبد.مناسب براي گروه سني بالاي 3ماه
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With these foam stickers you will have a hard time getting your baby out of the bath! Soft and colourful, these stickers inspire creativity and helps babies create their own fantasy story in the forest or in the city!!

  • Make up your own bathtime story!
  • 20 pieces that encourage interaction and creativity.!
  • Perfect gift for little boys or girls aged 3 months or older!
  • Leave them to dry and use them again and again! 
Code: 15002.20

Pack: Plastic Bucket with Handle

Dimensions: Ø14 x 18 cm

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