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دستمال جغد oops كد1000412

قیمت : 49,000 تومان

دستمال جغد بسيار نرم و دو لايه به همراه يك عروسك نرم براي بازي و هنگام خواب كودك.ابعاد دستمال 30*30 سانتی متر است.

وضعیت: موجود

دستمال جغد oops كد1000412
  • So incredibly soft you'll wish there were a version for grown-ups!
  • Double-layered and extra tactile.
  • Comes with a small padded toy owl just as soft and multi-textured as the blanket!
  • Soothing and comforting for bedtime with beautiful colours and fun characters.
  • Perfect gift for boys or girls from birth onwards.


Code: 10004.12

Pack: Hang Tag

Dimensions: 29 x 12 x 6 c

مارك : oops
ساخت : سوئيس

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